Miss. Lonergan
U.S. History I
Fall 2008


You will be assigned to a battle from the Civil War. You will need to research all the required elements of this battle and report the information on the wikispace. See below for the list of required elements. College Prep: You will complete this project with a partner. To ensure the partnership does equal work, each student will complete a sheet which explains how the work was delegated. Honors: You will work on this project individually.

Once you have completed the assignment, use the CHECKLIST to make sure you have everything.

Below is a list of required information to complete the research project.
  1. Name of battle
  2. Dates battle occurred
  3. Location(s) of battle
  4. Officers in charge (both sides)
  5. Information on troops present at the battle. Amount, Titles (company, brigade, etc)
  6. Brief synopsis of battle (2 paragraph minimum)
  7. Major strategic moves and turning points of battle
  8. Outcome of battle - who won, and how they won
  9. Causalities
  10. Impact of the battle (how this battle impacted the war overall)

You will arrange this information in a numbered list as you see above. All information and responses will be written in complete sentences.

In addition, you MUST cite your sources at the end of your project. Remember to only use credible sources.


You must include the following images in your presentation. Along with the image, a brief description or interpretation is required.
  1. Map visual of where the battle occurred
  2. Picture of commanders for both sides, Union and Confederate
  3. At least one extra picture of soldiers lifestyle in the military during this time.

*Be sure to look at the RUBRIC for this assignment so you know exactly how you will be graded!*