Battle of Chickamauga
Brandi Conrad

  1. Name of battle
  2. Dates battle occurred
  3. Location(s) of battle
  4. Officers in charge (both sides)
  5. Information on troops present at the battle. Amount, Titles (company, brigade, etc)
  6. Brief synopsis of battle (2 paragraph minimum)
  7. Major strategic moves and turning points of battle
  8. Outcome of battle - who won, and how they won
  9. Causalities
  10. Impact of the battle (how this battle impacted the war overall)

  1. The name of the battle was the Battle of Chickamauga.
  2. The Battle of Chickamauga occurred on September 18-20, 1863.
  3. The locations of the Battle of Chickamauga were in Georgia at Catoosa County and Walker County.
    Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas
    Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas
  4. Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans and Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas were the Union States officers in charge.
Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans

Gen. Braxton Bragg and Lt. Gen. James Longstreet were the Confederate States officers in charge.
Gen. Braxton Bragg

5. There was 58,000 Federal troops and 66,000 Confederate troops in the Battle of Chickamauga.
6. Rosecran split up his army to get to Chattanooga. Rosecran desperately wanted to kick Bragg's army out of Chattanooga so that he could occupy the space. After a while Rosecran ran into Bragg's army and there was a battle, forcing Bragg out of Chattanooga. Bragg was severley angered and was determined to reoccupy Chattanooga. On the 18th of September Bragg and his army set out to go and fight Rosecran's army for Chattanooga. On the 19th of September Bragg's army was finally able to battle Rosecran's army. Bragg's army fought extremely hard, but couldn't break through.
On the 20th of September Bragg had a new plan. If he had his entire army attack one spot of Rosecran's army maybe they would be able to get through. So, when Bragg's army set out to fight Rosecran's army again Bragg's army only targeted the left side of Rosecran's army. Eventually Bragg's army was able to make a gap I Rosecran's line. When Rosecran tried to fill te gap, he ended up making a gap. James Longstreet's me burst through the gap and drove one third of Rosecran's army and Rosecran himself off of the battle field. Thomas took over the army, but couldn't win. So Thomas and his army retreated and the Confederates won the battle. The Union retreated to Chattanooga and the Confederates stayed in the battle field and surrounding areas.
7. A major strategic move in the Battle of Chickamauga was when Bragg changed his tactics and decided to attack Rosecran's army from just the left side. This strategic moved effected the battle majorly because if Bragg would not have decided to attack from the left side the battle would have never ended. It would have never ended because before Bragg came up with this plan they would of continued to battle head on and not get anywhere.
8. The winners of the Battle of Chickamauga were the Confederates. They won when Bragg came up with the brilliant plan of attacking Rosecran's army from the left side. When Bragg's army did this, they were able to break through the Union's line of defense and made them retreat from the battle grounds.
9. The casualties were 34,624 total troops. There were 16,170 casualties for the United States and 18,454 casualties for the Confederate States.
10. The Battle of Chickamauga impacted the Civil War overall by if the Battle of Chickamauga would not have happened then Ulysses S. Grant would not have become the Commander of the Federal Armies. Also, then the Union would not have been able to beat the Confederates and kick them out of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge and force them back into Georgia.

The Battle Map of the Battle of Chickamauga
The Battle Map of the Battle of Chickamauga
A soldier from the Battle of Chickamauga
A soldier from the Battle of Chickamauga