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Battle of Williamsburg


Brandon Schuman, Jake Harvey

The Battle Of Williamsburg Virginia

  1. The battle of Williamsburg occurred on May 5, 1862
  2. The battle of Williamsburg was located at York county and Williamsburg Virginia
  3. The officer in charge for the United States forces was General George B. McClellan.
Gen. George b. McClellan From
Gen. George b. McClellan From

The officer in charge of the Confederate Forces at Williamsburg was General James Longstreet.
Gen. James Longstreet From
Gen. James Longstreet From

4. The United States had a total of 40,768 soldiers where as the Confederate States had a total of 31,823 soldiers putting the United States at a great advantage of man power.
battle of Wiliamsburg Virginia from
battle of Wiliamsburg Virginia from

The two forces that were fighting was the rear columns of Magruders retreating from Yorktown army that broke off from General James Longstreet and Hookers division of McClellans army.
6. The battle of Williamsburg Virginia was the first large conflict between the north and the south during the peninsula campaign. nearly 41,000 federalist forces and 32,000 Confederate forces were fighting. After the Confederates retreated from Yorktown Hookers unit engaged them near Williamsburg Virginia. Hooker launched his first offensive attack at Fort Magruder, an earthen fortification, but the Southern lines held against his attack.
Then the Confederate forces led by Major General James Longstreet counter attacked Hookers Union line and threatened to break through the Unions Left Flank. Then Kearny's division went and fortified Hookers left flank of the Union line. Next Hancock's brigade moved to threaten the Confederate left flank occupying two abandoned redoubts. the Confederate Forces tried to counterattack Hancocks attack but the counterattack was unsuccessful. Hancock's localized success was not used to get an advantage over the Confederate forces though because the Confederates continued to flee or withdrawl during the night.
7. Strategic moves during the Battle of Williamsburg Virginia
Major General James Longstreet's counterattack on the Union left flank
Kearny's move to fortify the left flank of the Union and support Hooker
Hancock's attack of the Confederates' left flank
8. The outcome of the battle was inconclusive because the Union said they won because they killed around 1.5 thousand Confederate soldiers and the Confederate forces say they won because they slowed the advance of the Union forces.
9. There were an estimated 3,843 casualties. 2,283 of which were from the United States.
10. This battle impacted the war because the Confederates slowed the Union advance on them and was able to run away and fight also this was the first large Skirmish of the Peninsular Campaign.

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