Battle of Gaines' Mill

Mike Nitroy

1. My battle's name is The Battle of Gaines' Mill or the First Cold Harbor.
2. The battle occurred on June 27, 1862.
3. The battle was located in Hanover County, Virginia.
4. The Confederate leader was General Robert E Lee and the Union leader was General Fitz John Porter.

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5. There were 91,232 soldiers in total. 34,214 of the soldiers were from the Union, while 57,018 were Confederates.
6. The Battle of Gaines' Mill was the third of the Seven Day's Battles. The Confederate's and Robert E. Lee began to re-attack the Union's strong defense just North of the Chickahominy River. The Union fought strongly against the Confederate's attacks, resulting in many casualties.The nearby farms were partially destroyed, along with fences and close gravestones. The confederates began to plan an organized attack after many unorganized ones failed. *** After Dusk, the Confederate army attacked the Union defense with their first smart attack. General Lee planned to get to the top of hill above the river where the Union was set up. The Union was driven back to the river and finally forced to retreat back across the Chickahominy River. The loss convinced the Union their fight for Richmond was over and admitted defeat at Gaines' Mill. The once strong Union defense that seemed impossible to pass, fell to the Confederate's stronger, planned attack.
7. The biggest turning point in the battle is when the Confederate Army finally made a wise move by moving to the top of the hill above the river at dusk against the Union that destroyed General Porter's strong line of soldiers. This caused the Union army to retreat, which won the battle for the Confederates.
8. The confederate army won the Battle of Gaines's Mill.
9. There were 15,500 casualties in total. 6,800 of the casualties were Union, while 8,700 were confederates.
10. The Battle of Gaines' Mill had a great impact on the war. The Union admitted defeat which resulted in the Confederation succeeding in their attempt to acquire the important city of Richmond, Virginia.

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