First Bull Run
by:David Mohimani

1. The name of the battle is The First Bull Run(Manassas I).
2. The battle occurred on July 21, 1861
3. The battle took place in Fairfax county Virginia as well as Prince William County
4. The leader of the U.S. was brig. General Irvin Mcdowell and for the confederates it was Brig. General Joseph E. Johnston and P.G.T. Beauregard
5. There were 60,680 total troops; the Union Army had 28,450 and the Confederacy had 32,230.
6. General Mcdowell marched down south to fight the confederates him and his troops marched to Virginia from Washington. At first the union surprised them by attacking from their left flank. They drove the confederates back to Henry Hill. They seemed to have gained control of the battle and were headed for Victory. The fighting kept on going throughout the day. Neither side was ready to give up any time soon, but in the late afternoon the tides turned.
The confederates received reinforcements. These reinforcements allowed the confederates the oppurtunity to break the Union's right flank and they took full advantage. By compromising their right side it allowed the confederates to take complete control of the battle. The Union troops were forced to retreat. The confederates did not have the organization to further pursue the Union. This was the first major battle that took place in Virginia.This was a very important battle for many reasons.This is where Stonewall Jackson got his name. This is also where Abraham Lincoln realized that this would be a long and bloody war. It also lead to the removal of Mcdowell as General of the Union troops.
7.The only major turning point in this battle was when the confederate einforcements arrived this gave hem a clear advantge. This was a huge factor in the outcome of this battle.
8.This battle was a confederate victory they won by invading the Union's right flank.
9.The casualties were estimated around 4,700 about 3,000 for the Union and 1,700 for the confederate.
10.The major impacts of this battle were Abraham Lincoln's realization that the Confederates would not go away easily and this was going to be a long and costly war.
Battle map

General Irvin Mcdowell
Joseph E. Jonhston
A Civil war Soldier

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